Co-designing your Success

" Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making it last in your absence "

Sheril Sandberg, former COO at Facebook

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3 lessons I learnt by leading 2000+ teams across the world

(Including Harvard Business School, Governemental Institutions, Fortune 500s & Tech Startups)


Psychological safety is the most important factor for driving collaboration among teams

More than hard & soft skills, psychological safety is a must for people to work at their best. Learn more with this video



Managers who coach their teams always get the highest engagement & retention rates

Managers may not feel comfortable with this posture. That's totally ok! But how to test it? Learn more with this video

Empowering people always works better than pushing people to reach their objectives

Which often seems counter-intuitive: "If I don't push my teams, how then can they move ?! " Learn more with this video


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