What is human electromagnetism?

Human electromagnetism is how your emotional state is perceived by others around you. Have you ever experienced a surge in happiness or a feeling of despair when you are around somebody? Or maybe you have heard someone talk about somebody’s Aura?
This Aura has often been depicted, in pictures or movies, as a bright mix of colors. It is nothing but a person’s electromagnetic energy. It defines a person’s individual nature and characteristics.



Aura is the electromagnetic field of energy that emanates and surrounds a person for nearly 4-5 feet. Its strength and vibrancy depends on the inherent health and nature of the person. A healthy and happy person’s aura is stronger and livelier than the one of an unhealthy person.


Still wondering how people create an electromagnetic field? It’s simple.

There are ongoing chemical processes in the nerve cells of the human body which generate nerve impulses. A nerve impulse is an electrical wave that is transferred from one end of the nerve cell to the other. The neurons then translate these impulses (which are basically instructions from the brain to different parts of the body) into actions.

When electricity passes through a metal wire, an electromagnetic field is created around it. Similarly, the nerve impulses passing through your body creates an electromagnetic field around it that can be detected with scientific instruments. So, in simpler terms, the Aura is an electromagnetic field created around humans due to the electrical energy surging through them in the form of nerve signals.


Now, let’s talk about how emotions influence health:


This electromagnetic field is made up of layers of pure energy vibrating at different frequencies which are connected to the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body. Therefore, the electromagnetic field indicates the person’s health and range of emotions they are experiencing at that time and keeps changing over time.

The first layer of the electromagnetic field is formed from the electrical activity at a physical level, mainly due to the functioning of organs. The second layer depicts our emotional responses, love, joy, grief, envy, loneliness, forgiveness etc. It is mostly the response of our conscious mind towards a physical reality based on past memories. The mental body layer comprises of mostly our memories and belief patterns and doesn’t change much frequently.


How to deal with it in practice ?


Effectively, a sad or an anxious person’s electromagnetic field contains these negative emotions while a happier person emanates positive energy. This is the reason why you feel happy or sad in company of certain people. One can use the knowledge of these layers to change or improve one’s inner energies, heal what needs to be fixed and also connect to others through the different energy levels.


The layers of the electromagnetic field of your body has different colours. These colours change and indicate your mood and circumstances.


The first step to changing your electromagnetic activity is to relax. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Become conscious of your thoughts. And to strengthen the positive energy of your electromagnetic field, think of something beautiful that gives you joy and concentrate on it. Surrounding yourself with positive colours can also help you strengthen the electromagnetic activity around your body.


For more insights, read this great article on Forbes Magazine 📖


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